Loud Torey Pudwill comfy earbuds

Loud Torey Pudwill comfy earbuds

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Loud, Comfy & Affordable were our 3 main concerns when we set out to design our Loud & Comfy earbuds.  

SOUND:  We used stronger 10mm driver instead of 8mm drivers that are in most earbuds in our price range to ensure a crisp loud sound. Our speakers deliver deep base and high clarity. They need to be loud, we have a name to live up to!


METAL: We used metal alloy for our earbud housings and mic. This material holds up to the wear and tear of life much better than plastic earbuds.

MIC:  Our mic was made to work with your smart phones as well as your MP3 player. Our one touch mic lets you answer your calls with ease and play/pause music with just the touch of a button. 

SILICONE TIPS:  Small, Medium and Large soft silicone earbud tips are included. This allows for a comfy fit that holds your earbuds securely in place. Anyone who has had to endure long plane rides knows how important the comfort and fit of the earbuds can be!


NOISE ISOLATING:  Our soft silicone tips are noise isolating because they form to your inner ear better than most. This reduces ambient noise before you even turn up the music.



We use L-jacks to ensure no strain on the wiring when you wrap your earbuds around your MP3 or iphone.  With a normal i jack this can cause strain on the wiring inside and will eventually cause the earbuds to short out. With the L jack there is no strain on the cord when you wrap it around your phone or pod.


Our cable is 1.2 meters, the typical cable length. So, what’s unique? We think you will appreciate where we placed the mic. Our mic is specifically placed so it will lay flat when you wrap your earbuds around your phone while in transit. (If a mic lays on the edge of the phone or device, it will cause stress to the mic housing and limit the life of your earbuds.) 


Bud Cinch: Hate untangling earbud wires? LOUD solved the problem by adding a silicon cinch that sits on top of the mic when in use. Just pull the cinch to the base of the buds when you’re ready to store or put them in your pocket. Wires stay together with less tangling.